Traditional Latin Mass in Edmonton 

Offering pastoral care for Catholics of the Archdiocese of Edmonton who desire and wish to unite themselves to the traditional, extraordinary form of the Roman rite. 


Registration for Sunday Masses Mass Times

Chaplaincy News

Mass Scedule for Christmas and January 1st:

The Mass times and locations are listed below; (Some of the times and locations have changed from last year.)

Please note: The grave obligation to attend these two Canadian Holy Days of Obligation (as well as the Sunday Obligation) has been dispensed with by the bishops in the province of Alberta due to the current covid restrictions.

Mass times for Saturday Dec. 25th:
12 Midnight: Instrumental (a Trio) Mass at Resurrection,
12 Midnight Organ Mass at Assumption,
8 am Instrumental Mass (a Trio) at St. Edmunds,
12:30 Organ Mass at Assumption.

Mass times for Saturday Jan 1st:
7:30 am Low Mass at Assumption,
9 am Low Mass at St. Edmunds,
12:30 pm Organ Mass at Assumption
1:45 pm Low Mass at Assumption.


The Mass times for Sunday 26th and January 2nd remain the same as the Sundays in Advent.


The 2022 Donation Envelopes:

The shipment is currently in transit, and we are expecting them to arrive the week before Christmas.




Beginning Thursday September 16th:

The Archdiocese of Edmonton has reinstated the mandatory wearing of masks in churches; Masks are required for all events.

I am saddened to say that due to the restricted occupancy, Sunday Mass registration is again necessary; Due to our higher numbers, not everyone will be able to attend a Mass every Sunday.

Holy Communion on the tongue is still allowed.

For archdiocessan details, visit:



Monday 2nd August

Starting this coming Sunday, Sunday Mass Times have changed

7:30 am - Low Mass at Assumption

12:30 pm - Organ Mass at Assumtpion

4:00 pm - Low Mass at St. Edmund's

refer to the Mass Times page for more information

Wednesday 21st July

With the blessing of His Grace Archbishop Smith, the chaplaincy will carry on with its apostolate as always. All masses and other liturgical functions for the foreseeable future will take place as normal.


Sunday July 4

From today onward no registration is needed for attending any mass. You are able to attend whichever mass you would like.

Please Note the 5:15pm Sunday mass at St. Edmund's has now been cancelled. The 1:45pm Sunday mass at Assumption for the time being will be kept. Subject to change in the future.


Thursday June 24

New Liturgical Guidance for Stage 3 re-opening will take effect beginning July 1st. Deo Gratias.

here are the new guidelines. https://caedm.ca/PastoralScene/entryid/888/liturgical-guidance-for-stage-3-of-albertas-relaunch-strategy

This coming Sunday will be the last Sunday requiring registration.


Thursday May 27

Starting this coming Sunday May 30th we will be going back to the previous schedule with the 15% maximum occupancy. This will permit everybody to attend mass on Sunday and during the week. No sign up needed for weekday masses, but please do register for Sunday masses.

Sunday Masses

12:30pm + 1:45pm at Assumption

4pm + 5:15pm at St. Edmund's

Weekday Masses - all at Assumption

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:30 am

Thursday at 5:30 pm followed by exposition and benediction

Saturday at 8am


Today (May 27th) we will still have mass at 5:30pm. Registration is required for this mass.

Tomorrow (Friday 28th May) we will still have 2 masses one at 7:30am and one at 5:30 pm. No registration required

On Saturday May 29th we will still have 2 masses one at 8am and the other at 8:45 am - No registration required.

Thursday May 6th

The Holy Hour with Exposition and Benediction is cancelled today and for the foreseeable future.

Wednesday May 5th

Dear faithful,

All masses from now on will have only 15 people present at the most. Fr. Blust and I with the consent of Fr. Creurer and Fr. Mcgee have decided that the best course of action for the moment is to have as many masses as possible. We are blessed to have 2 priests and in these difficult times it is also a great privilege. But this unfortunately will not permit all of you to attend mass every Sunday under these new restrictions, in fact far from it.

Starting today there will be 6 Low Masses on Sundays. They will take place at

Assumption at noon, 1pm, and 2pm and at

St. Edmund's at 4pm, 4:50pm, and 5:40pm.

This sounds like a lot but it will only permit 84 people to attend Mass on Sundays. Therefore I ask all those who attend mass at the chaplaincy, as well as those that would like to come, to register through this website, but to please only register for one Sunday every 4 weeks.  Anyone that cannot register will not be able to enter the church. This will be quite strict.

There will also be 2 masses daily during the week. They will take place from

Monday to Friday at 7:30am and 5:30pm at Assumption and on

Saturday at 8am and 8:45am at Assumption

Registration will be required for them also. Dear faithful, I again ask you to bear this added trial with patience. Like our Lord in the temple, our anger and indignation would be justified here, but unlike our Lord we do not have the authority, at the moment, to act. So let us be patient and pick up our cross which is now that much heavier.

God Bless

Fr. Massimo Botta

P.S. this schedule is tentative and subject to change

Tuesday May 4th

New restrictions by our autocrats have been dictated which will begin tomorrow May 5th 2021. Only 15 people may attend any church service. We are in the middle of figuring out what is possible under these trying circumstances. For now we must cancel all registrations for this Sunday's Masses. Please be patient and keep checking this website in the following days for updates.

Friday 30th April

Today we will have the first Adult Catechism Class. This class will be taught by Fr. Blust and is open to anyone. It will take place through Zoom. Emails have been sent already to those who have shown an interest in attending. If you want to join the class and have not received an email from us, send a quick email to LatinMassComm.edm@caedm.ca. We will send you the information needed to join the class this evening and every Friday after.

Sunday 25th April

There will only be 3 masses on Sunday 25th April. The St. Edmund's 5:15pm mass is cancelled.

Adult Catechism and Apologetic

Adult Catechism class will begin on Friday April 30th. They will meet every Friday after that unless told otherwise

Apologetic class will begin on Wednesday 5th May. They will meet every other Wednesday unless told otherwise

Both courses will take place on Zoom. Further info on how to join will be coming soon.


Stations of the Cross and Friday evening Mass have ended now that lent is over.

Please refer to the mass times for the full mass schedule

Holy Week and Easter Mass Schedule

Maundy Thursday - 1st April --- 7:00 pm - at Assumption

Good Friday - 2nd April ---2:15 pm Stations of the Cross followed by 3:00 pm Service- at Resurrection

Easter Vigil - 3rd April --- 11:00 pm - at Resurrection

Easter - 4th April --- 12:30 pm - at Assumption --- 1:45 pm - at Assumption --- 4:00 pm at St. Edmund's --- 5:15 pm at St. Edmund's


February 20

The Lenten Stations of the Cross will be starting Friday, February 26 at 6:45 pm at Assumption Catholic Parish.

Beginning Friday March 5th, Mass will be added at 6 pm followed by the Stations.

December 9th

- By Alberta guidelines (Dec 8th) the number of faithful allowed in church buildings has dropped to 15% fire code capacity.  This is less than 70 for Assumption church and about 50 for St. Edmund's church.

- A reminder that masks are mandatory for everybody who enters the church building. The CMOH order 38-2020 dated 24th of November sections 26 and 27 are still in effect, which detail the mandate and the exemptions.   https://open.alberta.ca/publications/cmoh-order-38-2020#summary

November 22nd

- Starting on the First Sunday of Advent (29th Nov) we will have a 4th mass on Sundays. This will take pace at St. Edmund's at 5:15pm.

Mass Times here

- We are now having a holy hour with exposition and benediction every Thursday after the 5:30pm mass (approx. 6:15pm). During which confessions are offered.

From the 29th 0f November onward registration for Sunday masses is open to everyone. This is because we believe with 4 masses we can now accommodate everyone who would like to come and join themselves to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on Calvary.

The link for registration is above or you may click here. Only those who are registered may attend the mass. Please read instructions before registering.

The 12:30 pm and 1:45 pm masses at Assumption and 4 pm and 5:15pm (starting Nov 29th) masses at St. Edmund's are confirmed and registration is now open. All masses will be low masses without distribution of communion.

Week-day masses are first come first served. Everyone so far who has come has been able to attend mass. I don't foresee more that the maximum occupancy attending our week-day masses for now.

DONATIONS CAN NOW BE DONE THROUGH THIS WEBSITE. click on donation button above.

 Fr. Botta and Fr. Blust

Mass Registrations for Sundays

Due to the latest covid restrictions, the Mass registration system is being implemented again:


The wearing of a mask is required for all ceremonies and meetings on church property, with the exception of those who have an approved AHS letter of exception; The two-metre spacing rule between households/individuals has been implemented as well.

Due to the situation, the obligation to attend Mass on all Sundays and Dec. 25th and Jan. 1st has been dispensed with in all of Alberta.

Holy Communion on the tongue has resumed.

For group registration, if a family usually occupies a full pew (which usually seats 3 or 4 single-household individuals spaced apart), it is only necessary to list /register 4 people.

This is due to the church having a maximum restricted capacity based more on single-person households having to space more than close-sitting large families.

If a family usually needs one of the longest pews to seat their whole family, please email/phone/text us after registering, and the requested pew can be reserved; if cancelling, please email or text Fr. Blust.