Mass Registrations for Sundays

Due to the latest covid restrictions, the Mass registration system is being implemented again:


The wearing of a mask is required for all ceremonies and meetings on church property, with the exception of those who have an approved AHS letter of exception; The two-metre spacing rule between households/individuals has been implemented as well.

Due to the situation, the obligation to attend Mass on all Sundays and Dec. 25th and Jan. 1st has been dispensed with in all of Alberta.

Holy Communion on the tongue has resumed.

For group registration, if a family usually occupies a full pew (which usually seats 3 or 4 single-household individuals spaced apart), it is only necessary to list /register 4 people.

This is due to the church having a maximum restricted capacity based more on single-person households having to space more than close-sitting large families.

If a family usually needs one of the longest pews to seat their whole family, please email/phone/text us after registering, and the requested pew can be reserved; if cancelling, please email or text Fr. Blust.

*Masks are required as of Friday Sept. 3rd*

For details & exemptions, see









7:30 am (Low Mass)
12:30 pm (Organ Mass)

1:45 pm (Low Mass)

 4:00 pm* (Low Mass)

Daily Mass

Mon, Tue, Wed, and Fri at 7:30 am 

Thu at 5:30 pm followed by Exposition and Benediction

Saturday at 8 am 



Before (& after) every Mass or by appointment

Saturday 7-8pm at Assumption Parish


All Masses are held at:

Assumption Catholic Church (9034 - 95 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, T6C 1Z3)

*except Sunday 4:00 pm Mass held at St. Edmund's Parish (13120 - 116 Street, Edmonton, AB, T5E 5H5)