Assumption will stay closed this Sunday

Dear faithful,

last Sunday we were able to open Assumption Church and Resurrection Church and have confessions from 9 am to 2 pm. This Sunday however we are not going to be as blessed. The first half of this week has seen a dramatic increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in Alberta. The chief medical officer in Alberta, Dr. Deena Hinshaw yesterday said, “Over the past two days, despite the aggressive measures already in place, it's become clear that additional measures are needed.” As the situation is slowly getting worse it was decided to keep Assumption Church closed this Sunday.

Therefore confessions will continue to be done on a one to one basis.

Some of you have also been asking how to continue to financially support the chaplaincy now that we have no masses and therefore no collections. The donation button in this website continues to be non operational. It will probably be ready in a few weeks. In the meantime the only way to donate is by mail. You may send checks to:

Vital Grandin Chaplaincy

5116 146 Ave

Edmonton, AB T5A 5B7

This is the new address. If you have already sent donations to the old address, don't worry we will still be able to receive them for a while.

I will keep praying for you and offering my masses for you

May God bless you

Fr. Massimo Botta