The Vital Grandin Chaplaincy is a proponent of Sacred Music for Mass. Our community supports a men & women's choir, a men's schola and now a children's choir.

Men & Women's choir

The men and Women's choir practice every Friday evening at 7pm. New members always welcome. If you want to join our choir come speak with our choir director after Mass.


Schola is group of men who sing the propers of the mass (the propers are sung Gregorian chant) that are in the missal and change every Sunday.

If you want to join the Schola speak with our choir director after Mass.

Children's Choir

Volunteers has begun to teach a children's choir. Children and quick learners and grasp music concepts easily. A link to the children's choir web page will be added soon.

fssp logoThe FSSP, Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary has on line exercises to teach Gregorian Chant. By starting with the basics you can teach yourself to read and sing chant. 

Learn Gregorian Chant

 Here are some other helpful links to websites that have Gregorian chant materials: