The Lex Orandi Children’s Choir is welcoming children between the ages of 6-16 to join.

Weekly rehearsals take place at Resurrection Church.

The Lex Orandi Choir is a group of children devoted to singing sacred music of the Roman Catholic Church.

The young choristers will study and sing music of our Roman Catholic Church, singing timeless Gregorian chant along with beautiful sacred, polyphonic music. They will be exposed to and take part in the plethora of music which was born from the Liturgy of the church. A repertoire that includes chant dating from the earliest days of the church, to music composed by thriving contemporary sacred-music composers.

Children will sing music composed by Renaissance masters such as Palestrina, Lassus, compositions by composers of the Baroque and Classical eras, including Bach and Mozart, while also composers notable of our 21st century such as Chicago-born, Kevin Allen.

Alongside this repertoire, the children will develop sight-singing skills, how to read chant, notation/basic semiology and acquire fluency in singing solfège. Such training shall develop individual skills in the areas of listening, musical expression, intonation and balance through their ensemble singing. An ensemble singing that is enriched by opportunities to eventually sing 4-part polyphony with an accompanying adult choir. All of this is aimed at developing the future choristers, cantors, organists and musicians who will be equipped with the ability and knowledge to serve our Church. As part of their rehearsals, Fr. Blust will give a brief catechism lesson to further deepen the children's understanding and connection of chant and liturgy. These children will inherit the traditions of our Church, providing every church of our archdiocese with beautiful music that will enrich the mass and our spiritual lives as Catholics.

Please contact music director, Stephanie Kwan, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and to set up an eventual meeting.