We are working on a way to register for the Sunday masses on this website that will begin with Trinity Sunday on June 7th. This is so as to minimize the unwanted outcome of having some faithful being left out of the church. What we will probably do is split all the faithful in 2 groups. 1st group will comprise of all those whose last name begins with the letters A to M. The second group will be those whose last name starts with the letters N to Z. The first group will then sign up online to attend one of the 3 masses on Sunday (2 will be at Assumption and 1 at St. Edmund's). On the Saturday before, if there are any open spots, then those from the other group will be able to sign up. This order will be reversed on the following Sunday, where group 2 will be able to sign up, and if there are any open spots, then those in group 1 will be able to sign up but only on the Saturday preceding that Sunday.

Mass times will probably be 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm at Assumption and 3:30pm at St. Edmund's. These times are tentative and might change. All masses will be low masses without distribution of communion.

Week-day masses will probably be first come first served. I don't foresee more that 50 people attending as our week-day mass attendance before this situation was about 20.

We have had some problems with the donation button on this website. Hopefully we will resolve this soon. In the meantime you can continue sending your donations by mail, or giving it to Fr. Botta

Coming soon...